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The DST Models are a multi-functional systems, that provide a safe environment for full gait rehabilitation, including parallel bars, adjustable stairs, and an adjustable slope. 

By a click of a button, stairs’ height and slope’s degree can be easily adjusted to meets patients’ current abilities and needs.

Full gait rehabilitation, one device

Pressure mapping
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Reach Independence

Negotiating stairs and slopes is crucial for performing Activities of Daily Living, and for patients' independence.


Patient’s ability to negotiate stairs can predicts general functional decline.

Strength and Balance

By practicing stairs and slopes, patients exercise other treatment goals such as strength and balance.

Overcoming Fear

Moderate stair practice helps regain confidence for patients who are afraid of falling.

DST Triple Sense full gait analysis system takes patient performance to the next level using data from force plates and advanced software. Provides optimal rehabilitation treatment tailored to patient's needs and capabilities.

DST Triple Sense

Conducting Clinical Studies with the DST

The DST’s unique abilities and easy adjustment can eliminate well-known research limitations. For example, by adjusting the height of the stairs and handrails to patients’ current physical abilities, some comparison can be made between patients with different physical abilities, such as their mechanical efficiency during stair climbing. Patients’ mechanical efficiency, measured through physiological parameters, is a predictor for mechanical efficiency in other functions, such as ambulation, and thus holds great value to the rehabilitation process. 

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