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A letter to the physiotherapist

Physiotherapists hold one of the hardest jobs in the world - they need to be both physically and mentally strong, adjust themselves to a variety of patients, motivate them and push them safely beyond their limits. Physiotherapists need to believe in their patients even when they stopped believing in themselves, all while not necessarily having all the equipment they need.

25 years ago I was one of your patients. At first I had the doctors who diagnosed me and set a course of treatment. Then the nurses who spent days and nights taking care of me. Finally, when my recovery was no longer dependent on medicine or surgery, but only on myself, I had the physiotherapists. I had four kids at home, who kept me motivated to rehabilitate, but believing I can get there was a completely different thing. A team of physiotherapists challenged me daily, and taught me how to reclaim my body. They did their absolute best with the equipment they had, but it was simply not enough. In the end of my therapy I was able to walk with a walker, but not to climb the 4 steps leading to my house’s door. I was able to leave the hospital, but not to enter my home.

I invented the DST first and foremost for myself, and for other individuals across the world who go through rehabilitation. But none the less, I invented the DST for you the PT, so you would have the best equipment to better serve your patients. Laying in my hospital bed I did not think about becoming rich or famous. No. While laying in my bed I saw all that we, you and I, are missing. I invented the DST because I needed it, and because outstanding physicians like yourself helped me get to where I am today. This is my way of saying thank you.

Mr. Orgal in rehabilitation
Mr. Orgal in rehabilitation


Daniel Orgal

Inventor of the DST and Founder and CEO of DPE Medical  Ltd.

Mr. Orgal riding bicycle
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