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DST's Accessories

Accessories RSR rversible Stair Ramp

​The Reversible Stair Ramp accessory consist of 3 stairs of 3 cm. (1.2 in) that can convert to a moderate slope by pulling an handle.

Accessories CSRC Convertible Stair Ramp Curb


The ​Convertible Stair-Ramp Curb combines the benefits of the RSR, all while enable patients who cannot yet climb a slope to access the DST.

Accessories WAH Width Adjustable Handrail


The Width Adjustable Handrail enable you to adjust the DST's width to suit your patients' needs, from children to athletes.

Accessories LHR Long Hand Rail


The Long Hand-Rail accessory provides a longer practice surface, either as parallel bars or for additional stair practice with the CSRC. The LHR can be provided both fixed or width adjustable.

Integral  Mirror

Located at the far end of the DST, the mirror provides visual feedback of the patient's posture, motion and position while practicing stairs and parallel bars.

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