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Pro System

The scientific way to keep in step

For the first time, stairs, slopes and parallel bars training can be monitored and documented.

The Computerized DST monitors, tracks and displays patient's performance in past and current treatment sessions. The system output is a clear, objective and accurate Personal Chart of Progress, based on which physiotherapists, patients, staff, physicians and insurance providers can discuss, evaluate and present the patient's usage of parallel bars, stairs, and slope. The System is user-friendly and after the initial setup, the patient's performance can be tracked and displayed automatically.

Unique advantages: 

  • For patients – By monitoring, recording and displaying performances in past and current treatment sessions, patients see their progress, even if moderate, thus reinforce their commitment to the rehab process.

  • For physicians – The system creates a unique patient score – DST Factor – that reflects each patient's current status and estimated potential for future improvement. This enables the PT to openly discuss the effectiveness and future potential of the treatment.

  • For InstitutionsMedical institutions and health care professionals gain an invaluable database of thousands of Personal Progress Charts, each containing accumulated data of individual patients' progress, according to age, pathology, and treatment duration. The database is extremely beneficial for a variety of studies and scientific research.

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