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DPE Medical Ltd. was founded in 1997 by Mr. Daniel Orgal, the chief developer and CEO. Our mission is to take the field of physiotherapy one step forward by inventing full gait rehabilitation equipment to help patients around the world reach independence. Our line of products enables gradual practice on flat surfaces, stairs and slopes, combines with the latest monitoring and gait analysis systems.


Most of the company's workers, including the CEO, are disabled individuals who have benefited tremendously from rehabilitation. As past patients, we see the direct and continuous connection with our customers as the key to detecting daily rehabilitation problems, and the way to developing the solutions. We believe it is these personal experiences combined with our innovation that make our products so accurate and effective.

DPE Medical is proud to invent, design, produce and distribute innovative rehabilitation equipment which serves millions around the world.

Daniel Orgal founder CEO inventor
Daniel Orgal
Inventor and CEO

From 1993 to 1996, Daniel Orgal underwent extensive physical rehabilitation after being struck down by a virus that attacked his neurological system.

Throughout his rehabilitation process, he discovered that relearning how to climb and descend stairs was a formidable task. In addition, he found that using a conventional stair case puts added pressure on patients who can only raise their legs by one or two centimeters. Daniel made it his goal to invent the first user-friendly, electronically operated, adjustable stair case capable of meeting all the stairs rehabilitation needs at each of the recovery stages.

Daniel was fortunate enough to complete the final stages of his recovery on the first prototype of his invention. Today, his personal experience has shaped the company:

The Story Behind the DST

The Result of First-hand Experience

"When DPE Medical develops new products, I always remember how it felt to be a helpless patient. This memory drives us to make the utmost effort to deliver products that will help physiotherapists and patients on their road to recovery".

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