DST8000 Triple Pro

DST8000 Triple combines three devices in one, including an adjustable staircase for walking up and down steps, a walking surface inclined at different angles, and a full horizontal parallel bars.

The DST Pro monitors, tracks, and displays the patient’s gait and performance while using the stairs, increasing treatment efficiency and patients' motivation.


The DST is an innovative device designed for the gradual practice of stair-climbing skills for people undergoing physical rehabilitation. It features four steps with adjustable height from zero to 16.5 centimeters (0– 6.5 inches) between steps.


adjustable handrail width and length, modified slope or additional stairs - special accessories aims to meet your patients' needs.

Giraffe Gait aid equipment weight support rehabilitation physiotherapy

The Giraffe can be set everywhere, above any surface to enable patients to safely practice walking between parallel bars, going up and down stairs, incline or on the floor.