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Exercises ideas for Ataxia patients on the DST

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

54 years old patient with ataxia as a result of a brain tumor surgery.

Ataxia is a neurologic disorder which often includes lack of coordination, difficulty with fine motor activities, vision, and balance. According to the National Ataxia Foundation, focused physical therapy, including balance and coordination exercises can increase overall functionality, improve the quality of walking, and reduce the risk of falls.

Watch the video below to see ideals for balance, movement control, and movement planning exercises targeted for Ataxia patients you can practice on the DST.

The video features a 54-year-old patient suffers from ataxia as a result of a brain tumor surgery. The PT decided to practice on the DST because it provides a safe environment for a variety of exercises, and enables easy adjustment of the exercise’s level of difficulty.


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