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Combining stairs and obstacles without handrails

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

3.5 years old patient with DCD and Developmental Delay.

1. The PT asks the patient to step over an obstacle and climb the stairs without using the handrails. The patient tries, but when she steps over the obstacle she leans on her left hand.

2. The patient tries not to use the handrails when climbing the stairs, although the task is difficult. The challenge leads her to fixate both hands. She leads with her right leg in a 'step to' technique, but loses balance on the second step and leans right.

3. Because it is harder to go down the stairs, the patient uses both hands. She uses a 'step to' technique, leading with her left leg. The same technique is used also when crossing over the obstacle.

A Special thanks to the "Ha'gan Ha'shikumi" and their amazing staff, for sharing their knowledge, thoughts and experience.

Video Guide 1


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