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Worldwide Installations:

WAH, Wight Adjustable Handrails DST8000 DPE Medical patient and therapist Physical Therapy Training

"I invented the DST first and foremost for myself, but none of the less I invented the DST for you the PT, so you would have the best equipment to better serve your patients".

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DPE Medical ltd. invents and produces innovative physiotherapy equipment for medical institutions, focusing on regaining full gait abilities. 

Institutions benefit greatly from stair-training programs as they can challenge their patient’s strength, range of motion, and cardiovascular capacity.

DST8000 DST DST8000 Pro adjustable Stairs Dynamic Stair Trainer
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DPE Medical invents and produces innovative physiotherapy equipment focusing on regaining full gait abilities. Walking, climbing stairs, and negotiating a slope - all while monitoring and documenting every practice. Learning from personal experience, our mission is to help every men, women and child in their daily struggle for rehabilitation.

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DST Triple Sense
Full Gait Analysis for all gait functions 

DST Triple Sense full gait analysis system takes patient performance to the next level using data from force plates and advanced software. Provides optimal rehabilitation treatment tailored to patient's needs and capabilities.

The DST Triple Sense combines all three mandatory gait functions – flat-surface walking, climbing stairs and negotiating slopes, with the most advanced gait analysis technology, providing a comprehensive, evidence-based treatment. It helps diagnose, treat, and study patients’ ambulatory capabilities on neurological, orthopedic, and geriatric rehabilitation.

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