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Multi-tasking while climbing stairs

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

3.5 years old patient with DCD and developmental delay

1. Patient needs to climb up the stairs, while collecting hoops. This practice requires the patient to multi-task, while performing difficult exercises. Concentration needs to be divided to several tasks, and only one hand can assist the handrails while the other holds the hoops.

2. Patient uses her left hand for most functions, while the right hand only holds the hoops. This leads her to bend down and rotate, which increases level of difficulty.

3. When the patient finishes lifting the hoops, she needs to be reminded to finish climbing up the stairs, which means she got distracted by the different tasks.

4. The patient needs to thread the hoops on the stick and climb down the stairs to finish the exercise. This adds another element of play, and practice of more functions.

A special thanks to the "Ha'gan Ha'shikumi" and their amazing staff, for sharing their knowledge, thoughts and experience.

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