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Simultaneous use of stairs by two children- movement planning and dual tasking

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

A: 6 years old CP patient with left hemiplegia.

M: 7 years old CP patient with right hemiplegia.

M, who will soon enter an integrated school needs to learn how to manage himself around other children in the chaotic environment of the school's breaks.

1. In school, climbing stairs with other children requires movement planning, movement control and maintaining balance in a dynamic situation, full of distractions.

2. Practice simultaneous use of stairs by multiple children on the DST provides the patients both the physical and the mental exercise of such situations. The children need to control their movement, organize their bodies and maintain balance while sharing the stairs with other children.

3. A, the patient on the left is moving slower than patient M, on the right. When they run into each other on the first stair, patient A makes a small rotation to clear some room for patient M, which almost makes him lose his balance. Patient M rotates and moves to the side in order to pass patient A.

A special thanks to the "Ha'gan Ha'shikumi" and their amazing staff, for sharing their knowledge, thoughts and experience.

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