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Hand gross motor practice in knee stand

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

7 years old patient with right Hemiplegia.

The patient was asked to stand on his knees and touch an object with one hand. This exercise recruits and strengthens the muscles in the proximal lower extremities.

1. Although he slightly leans on his hand while touching, the patient manages to perform the task well with his left hand.

2. Patient was asked to touch the object with his right hand. This is much harder because his muscles around the pelvis and hips are too weak to support his body weight when he leans forward and initiates an accurate movement. Thereby, the patient uses his left hand for assistance.

3. The PT lowers the object one stair bellow. Now the patient does not need to lean forward as much, and the pressure on his weak muscles is reduced. He first chooses to lean again on his left hand for assistance, but after he is instructed not to, he manages to perform the task by using only the muscles around his pelvis and hips.

A special thanks to the "Ha'gan Ha'shikumi" and their amazing staff, for sharing their knowledge, thoughts and experience.

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